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You will find games like-Deep Sea Gold Rush: This is a game of skill and speed.  You will be timed to collect the all the GOLD that is DEEP in the Sea.  You have a killer claw and it is moving back and forth.  As you collect more and more gold, you earn more and more cash.                          -Frozen Treat Frenzy: The rules are simple, you get a certain number of moves to create your yummy frozen treats and you have to attain a certain score goal. The bigger the match, the higher the candy scores! Watch as you set off a chain reaction of candies in the Frozen Treat Frenzy.                                                                                                                –Steampunk Nautical Journey: Get ready for Deep Sea adventure as you navigate a Steampunk Diving Machine through the depths of the Ocean.  Encounter Mines, Gold Coins and other Steampunk Creatures.             You will find many more games on this site that will challenge your skills so,


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