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                                                                                                                       The Award Winning System That Gets You Speaking and Loving American Sign-language Culture

(And the best thing is – it only takes minutes a day)

Have you ever wanted to learn to sign but thought that it was to difficult or that you just do not have the time? This will change you mind. The Rocket American Sign language course can teach almost anyone to use sign language to communicate with those who cannot speak.

Learn American Sign Language with the online Sign Language course that is used by over 1,200,000 people, just like you, to master Sign Language

Sign up and start learning American Sign Language now

  • You get instant access to a twenty four/seven lifetime trial of Rocket Sign Language
  • You will get six plus hours of free trial lessons, voice recognition features and mucAmerican Sign Languageh more
  • Be amazed at how much Sign Language you will learn in a short period of time. Open up a new world with the ability to communicate with those people who cannot speak.
Just think of all the wonderful things that you can learn once you know ho to sign. Not only can you communicate with those who cannot speak, but now you will get to know all the wonderful stories that they have not been able to share with you before you learned to speak their language.

Use the Rocket American Sign Language trial on any device

  • Use it on your computer and/or the free iOS or Android apps
  • You can download the audio lessons for learning on the go
  • All of your progress syncs between your devices

Built on practical success strategies

  • Learn Sign Language using modern scientific learning methods
  • Uses the top seven practical success strategies successful Sign Language learners use
  • You get the experience of over ten years of research and development


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