I do not know a woman who does not like to get flowers, (although there are some I am sure), especially when those flowers are roses. For hundreds of years the gift of a bouquet of red roses has been one of the most romantic and endearing gifts ever. Although there are more expensive gifts, (like, oh I do not know, jewelry?), none strike the emotional chord like roses


                        ROSES ONLY                                                                                                                    Give the gift of Roses

The best way to show your emotions of love and desire for anyone is through a bouqroseuet of red roses. The robust fragrance and deep red color of a rose represents love, and is a popular choice for people to send on wedding anniversaries, and particularly on Valentines’ Day. Many people like to send a bouquet of red roses following a particularly great date and sometimes “just because”.

 A bouquet of orange roses can express desire and excitement for your relationshirosesp. Similar to a red rosea vibrant orange rose is a way to express attraction with an underlying message of passion, but without actually saying “I love you.” The flower petals of a bouquet of bright orange roses reminds us of a flame that signifies the desire for a continued relationship. Perfect for the man or woman who is scared of what those three little words represent.

Brighten someone else’s day or even your own with a bouquet of yellow roses  A yellow rose signifies friendship and joy. The blooms of a bouquet of yellow roses will be like a ray of sunshine, and it is guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day. A bouquet of yellow rosroseses is especially nice to give to someone who is feeling blue, to lift their state of mind, or perhaps given just for fun. Your day gets so much better when you get a surprise delivery of a bouquet of roses for no special reason. Placing a bouquet of yellow roses within your entryway or on your dining room table will improve your overall mood with every glance.

Give roses to say “thanks.” Regardless if you prefer the gentle hue of light pink roses or the grace of a dark pink rose, sending a bouquet of pink roses will show your gratitude and appreciation to the recipient. A bouquet rosesof pink roses is the perfect gift to give your Mom on Mother’s Day because it shows her exactly how you appreciate her, and all that she has done for you. Maybe a thoughtful gesture of a bouquet of pink roses is ideal to give to a friend who has gone out of their way to help you with something.



red rosesWhen you send a gift from ROSES ONLY , you are sending the world’s finest. These roses feature the longest stems, and the freshest roses sourced directly from farms in Ecuador and Columbia. Not only do we sell roses but we sell chocolates as well. Flowers and chocolates, what better way to say I love you, or I am thinking of you, or just to say hi, have a nice day.



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